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Children's Books

Jacob has illustrated and published four books for children, working with Athens, GA author Bart King. Together, the duo created Fair Shake Press in 2015, and they continue to publish books together. 

Juniper - front cover.jpg
"Juniper Gets Wet"

A 36-page children's adventure book with watercolor illustrations.

available at

Closet - front cover.jpg
"The Girl Who Kept Night In Her Closet"

A beautiful and mysterious 28-page story in black and white with surprising moments of color.

available at

Bedtime - Front Cover.jpg
"Do Not Read This Book At Bedtime"

An interactive, 28-page picture book that teaches children (and parents) a way to fall asleep using visualization and relaxed breathing.

available at

Robot Soup - cover.jpg
"Robot Soup"

A 40-page picture book that is also a fun, children’s hip-hop song.

available at

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