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Jacob Wenzka

Athens, GA

Jacob Wenzka is a painter and illustrator who resides in Athens, GA. He began showing his artwork with a solo exhibition on the walls of Jittery Joe's coffee shop in 1999, while he was a student in art school. He still continues to show his art in a variety of galleries, group exhibitions, and alternative venues in Athens and the southeast. Jacob graduated from the University of Georgia Lamar Dodd School of Art in 2001 with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art, and briefly pursued a degree in graphic design and illustration. In addition to his fine art, Jacob began working as an illustrator in 2013, and he has illustrated several books for adults and children over the past decade, founding New Growth Publishing with local author Bart King in 2015. The creative duo have released 4 children's books under their publishing label, and have a new project in the works. Jacob's latest series, "Ecumenopolis," explores fantastical worlds and contemporary thematic elements, and has been progressing through several phases since the early 2010's. Please feel free to follow his current work on Instagram and Facebook.